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A commercial for Call Of Duty: To be unfaithful to one's partner. But ultimately — the Democratic Party, which has held the gay vote captive for many years is not going to let go of one of their key demographics very easily. A lump of faeces. Said to put claim on a share of something, often a drink or cigarette.

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Very intoxicated by drink or drugs and consequently worse for wear.

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teabagging...what does it mean?

Term applied to males. Originally a term for a prostitute in late s. Rhyming slang on 'shit'. One cannot help but notice how many tea-related slang terms have vastly different meanings in gay culture. A short time, a couple of moments. Originally bus driver's slang, from supposed senior citizen's regular attempts at using their cheap off-peak journey passes before the permitted off-peak hour, and therefore being "too early" a verbal corruption of. The area felt to belong to a person or gang.

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Sign up using Email and Password. Recently a convention called HomoCon, a group for gay conservatives touted that Ann Coulter would be headlining their event. To travel with speed and power. Ta ta for now. I assume they're also unaffiliated with the Communist party. An act of copulation on or at a table. Any large or sprawling plant, usually a house plant.