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It is now commonplace to lament the decline if not outright disappearance of a grassroots queer movement in North America since the waning of AIDS activism in the mids. The Just Society Report hereafter JSRa document on the gay apology prepared by Egale, acknowledges the changed nature of queer politics: The We Demand an Apology Network has long included among its demands the release of all historical government documents related to the civil service and military purges. Many contain nothing more than names, dates, and the decision. He was an activist who was fighting against gay rights and marriage equality in Hawaii — and at that time, I forcefully defended him," she wrote on Twitter Thursday afternoon. For some, it is symbolic; a sign of solidarity. The mis-application of this provision denied them the fundamental right to equality guaranteed by Article 14," she said.

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‘Injustice was official’: call for national apology to gay former military personnel

The race to save Winton's dinosaur footprints By science reporter Belinda Smith for The Chase Nearly million years ago, three creatures walked over a mudflat and — incredibly — their tracks were beautifully preserved. Canadian Homonationalisms and the Politics of Belonginged. We can begin with the fact that there is no mass movement calling upon the federal government for a gay apology. Without details, how will we know whether a pardon or expungement is merited? NIFTY 50 10,

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But an apology would go a long way towards recognising the harms experienced by those affected by former discriminatory policies, Riseman said. The LGBT community suffered from unjustified and unwarranted hostile discrimination and is equally entitled to the protection afforded by Article 15, the court said, adding that they, like other heterosexual individuals, are entitled to their privacy and the right to lead a dignified existence without fear of persecution. With that as some political context and critique, I want to now to turn to the historical. So long as it includes a distinction between the consensual and coercive, so necessary if interpretively difficult, then a queer erotic ethos has much to recommend it, not least of which is that, unlike liberal apologies, a queer erotic ethos does not preclude an ongoing engagement with the past. Many might have been thrown out; others would be incomplete.

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