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It never occurred to me that they are still up. Does Bobby Jon Drinkard smoke cigarettes or weed? They bump chests, saliva flies everywhere, and it's very hard to pick out an intelligible word during the entire exchange although Bobby Jon appears to say "That's what I like! That one was good. People just don't like Jamie very much after the way he treats Bobby Jon during this immunity challenge.

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You totally hit the nail on the.

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Why Survivor's Gay Guy Wears "Manties"

I think the paranoia of the game got to Guatemala Jamie. A perfect ending to a perfect feud. I lost interest in Vanuatu when the older guys voted off the young guys right from the start. And he was beautiful. Because Jamie was voted off right after Bobby Jon, and the two of them had plenty of time to sit there on the jury and bond while stewing about the players Stephenie left in the game.

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I always liked Ken, the cop from Thailand S5. Here's John being gay again. And he was beautiful. Gabon was of the more gay seasons. I'm not sure if she would be invited back regardless. Well, that is up to you to decide!

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