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The Omaha World Herald website has online coverage of the city too. If there is no touching in the masturbation and it is a private club, with both parties willing to participate, they are going to have ti dig deep and try to bend some law interpretation. By Omaha Public School's definition, it seems like they're offering Handy's, as long as you reciprocate? I'd actually be more OK knowing that the ladies were freelancing, giving handies and BJs in the back illegally, because at least that's off the books. All the other strip clubs have theirs Special Offers Great deals from the DN and our promotional partners. It is also important to note that getting a liquor license is not as easy as everyone here seems to think it is.

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The law still allows for private members lists and BYOB, it just can't be full nude.

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Visiting Omaha?

We are a professional company, that is NOT an escort service. The quaint lounge offers plush and comfortable chairs spaced generously throughout the club. Lincoln Exposed, Thursday, Feb. We finally make the trek back home, with a pocket full of business cards and the scent of cheap perfume wafting from our clothes. Shakers focuses on one thing:

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After to the heavy atmosphere of quiet guilt at Shakers, the Foxy Lady was a breath of fresh air. I'm not a huge fan of strippers or anything, but what the city is doing to the club is bullshit. The women at the Night Before Lounge were definitely the best dancers I saw all night, both physically fit and personable. Lincoln is just an hour's drive from Omaha. DC's Saloon S.

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