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I will ship in one to three days, and I'll even sign it to whomever you desire! For a long time I've had a DeviantArt account sitting around doing nothing, so I finally got motivated and posted a few odds and ends there, some related to the MoE, some not. Read me! The bulk of the story is about Veronica's cluelessness. LGBT themes. November 09, A reader was kind enough to bring to my attention a photograph of what appears to be one the Mansion critters brought to life.

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I do look at the front-page activity, and so thanks to Argadi for all the recent contributions.

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I would have done The Weirdo, but sadly Mr. My Veteran's Day comic provoked a lengthy discussion on the feedback box. Traffic has significantly gone down since the only successful comics creators who've ever been a part of this site have left because of already-established issues and creative control drama.

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So, as a voting reward, a Random Basement Inhabitant.

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