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You know where you stand. Believe me, on "the dirty sex life scale" you are only at about a Rebirth of a Cocksucker. Do you already have an account? I stroked it a few times and I could tell he was very hard and dripping with precum, i considered blowing him but I wasn't feeling up to it so I left. He was a little goofy looking: Don't feel you have to give up on this part of your sexual nature, my man.

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I did not like that at all.

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You could have backed out then or just ignored him After I washed my hands, he grabbed me in a bear hug, forcing a passionate kiss on me and began to grope at my bulge, and I thought, "Oh no! At firstI wanted to pull away, because I am not used to being sucked, but I have to admit that I DO like the way it feels, so I couldn't pull away. I'm guessing every comment on here is trying to tell you you're wrong, but you're not wrong for feeling the way you do OP, not at all. In other words, game seven is the only one in a best-of-seven series that cannot be guaranteed more than one game in advance. I eliminated that one though, because I was afraid my boss would ask questions.

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Yeah, in future it's probably best to live by the adage that if you have to get drunk to do something, that might be a sign you shouldn't do it. He"s straight but, hell, most of all he likes sex. But I won't hide my glory holes from you guys. I was so excited, that when I came, I exploded in his mouth, and when I did, he pulled in as deep as he could go, so all the cum went deep into his throat. Both stalls were vacant when I went in. Answered Mar 1,

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