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Even so, it still gets huge numbers of hits each year, and is an ongoing source of hope for many. Sandra Clark. Lauren started working as a model in Johannesburg and then Paris and was featured regularly in magazines and advertisements. Link to Aleshia's new book! If parents can just learn to see that their transsexual child is really a "girl with a physical problem" rather than a "boy with a mental problem", then that child's future is especially hopeful. Nong Tum Thailand.

transsexual womens successes
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Those accomplishments are very meaningful, and show that transitioning doesn't have to hold a woman back from achieving traditional social measures of success.

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Samantha Adams. It took a long time to understand that my breasts don't make me any less male. Transitioned on the job at Air France. These are the successes of women who have survived and corrected their earlier transsexualism, and gone on to find joy and comfort and peace in their lives.

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Lacking successful role models, and confronted with deliberately staged, stereotypically-prurient images of "transsexuals" from media like the Jerry Springer Show, young trans girls are often terrified to tell anyone about their condition.

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