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Conclusions Heterosexuality must not be assumed in adolescents, as LB adolescents are at greater risk of unwanted pregnancies and terminations. Accessed 12 January ]. Talk to the fertility experts. Our Sperm Donor coordinators will discuss this with you in detail to ensure that you fully understand the legal considerations before proceeding to treatment. Sexual orientation and sexual and reproductive health among adolescent young women in the United States. Under Queensland legislation, the birth parents registering the child are the legal parents, and the donor has no legal rights or financial responsibilities to the child.

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This showed that pregnancy rates were similar or higher in lesbian than heterosexual women no bisexual data available.

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Lesbian and bisexual women's likelihood of becoming pregnant: a systematic review and meta‐analysis

Lesbian couples who want a child, that is biologically related to one of them have the below fertility treatment options available using donor sperm. However, there is sufficient consistent information to draw some clinical conclusions with generalisability. Unobtainable and excluded studies with reasons. Only studies reporting after the year were eligible. Subgroup analysis of method of assisted reproduction reiterated this see Figure S5.

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Susan Bewley is the guarantor for the study. We offer access to counselling throughout your treatment and after your child is born. Oocyte donation pregnancies and the risk of preeclampsia or gestational hypertension: Meet the gayby doctor. Accessed 12 January ]. Nevertheless, there was much secondary data available to show that lesbian or bisexual sexual orientation does not equate to a desire for, nor rejection of, fertility and childbearing. Subscribe to newsletter Subscribe to newsletter.

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