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Five 5 Applegate Courtnightly gay club; DJs, theme parties, patio, foam parties, videos, pool, darts, shows, bear nights, drag shows, regional, and national performers. Tenney ParkMadison Washroom action have been jerked of here a bunch of times. Sometimes when we do that, we keep facial hair and bind ourselves. Hoyt ParkMadison This cruisy park has several secluded trails, one of which winds through a wooded ravine. Very walk-able and easy to navigate means you can spend less on getting from point A to point B and more on enjoying the local foods, drinks, and delights.

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Borders Bookstore Zeier Rd.

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Madison Gay Cruising Areas

Borders Bookstore Zeier Rd. It is mostly average joes. Lots of fun to be had with limited to no interruptions! Cruising Westgate Mall Tuesday Cruising west gate soon this w At least women, most in their 30s or older, danced to s music, or simply drank and talked. Take your walk in the woods.

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Day time encounters happen, but activity is best at sundown. Madison has just three manifestly gay bars, compared to the 21 Milwaukee gay bars listed in the most recent issue of Outbound Magazine, the Green Bay-based gay entertainment periodical. Be patient, sometimes nothing is going on there, sometimes it is very active. Newcomers and visitors always are surprised at just how few there are. Grab an open and sit down, read what people have written, or grab a magazine.

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