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Like atoms could not stick together. Avogadro had the answer: Namespaces Article Talk. Gay-Lussac led his group into the isolation of plant alkaloids for potential medical use8 and he was instrumental in developing the industrial production of oxalic acid from the fusion of sawdust with alkali. The tall absorbtion towers were known as Gay-Lussac Towers.

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In certain results respecting terrestrial magnetism had been obtained during two balloon ascents, which appeared of so much interest that the French Academy was desirous of having them repeated.

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Ballooning in the early part of the nineteenth century was attended with the greatest risks; but he and Humboldt were intrepid naturalists, and undertook the investigation of the atmosphere at great heights—hygrometry, atmospheric electricity, aqueous tension, atmospheric pressure, etc. Avogadro had the answer: This was the third investigation which involved a rivalry with Davy, and it was also that about which there was most feeling. In a letter to Clement he gives a brief account of his work, and lays claim to the first revelation of the elemental character of iodine, and again in a subsequent letter to his brother, which contains a short review of the Parisian chemists and their reception of him, the only complaint he makes is that Gay-Lussac had played him a trick in trying to appropriate the discovery of the character of iodine and of hydriodic acid.

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Access overprint volumes, rare books and manuscripts, archival materials, and historical photographs.

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