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He had a hell of time finding an organ to practice on over the summer. At her home, Diane Bish had a Rogers organ that was unfortunately lost in a fire aroundand I would guess she probably bought that before she began working with the Allen Organ Company for her Diane Bish Signature Series DBSS Digital Organs, which from my understanding consists of digital samplings of her favourite organs that she played on her programme from her recording sessions in Europe. Monday, March 3, at 4: Blade photo by Joey DiGuglielmo. That usually shuts los pendejos up. The site specificity, the uniqueness of each instrument, brings so much more to the idea of going to hear an organ recital so each performance ends up being different from the rest.

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The way I see it:

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Is Diane Bish Married? (Anti-Gay Church Organists)

And of course the organ world is very gay and there are lots of gay people involved. My source that did work for her and someone else associated closely with her related what I would characterize as highly uncomplimentary information. I have that problem in rental cars all the time. The sweet little old lady was most assuredly not gay. Get some psychotherapy, pendejos.

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One other small local church had an organist and she was wonderful to me. I think of it like being a conductor and working with different orchestras. It is not treated at young ages as the kind of thing for straight guys, jocks, or the promiscuous. Are you frustrated by it? But pianists have to do deal with that too in some ways. Instead, it is making the baseless assumption that the artist is sexually attracted to the other gender. But she may also not be quite the kind of organist we have come to expect from our schools and churches these days.