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Arching his back a little, his hand sped up and tightened on his dick. You were afraid that he would hurt you like the other countries did, so you were falling away from him. But deep inside, you wanted it more than anything. Trash littered the floor of the hallway, and the smell of urine permeated the air. He was becoming increasingly aroused, and if he didn't get to touch his hard-on soon, he was afraid he would just come in his pants. He suddenly realized that, while the movie was definitely the main reason for his arousal, he had to admit that knowing there would be people watching this, watching him, and getting turned on by what he was doing, only added to his own arousal. Little Bites [Gabriel x Anorexic Male!

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His mouth, with lips bitten red and plump, was hanging open a little, and every once in a while, a pink tongue would peek out to lick across the bottom. A nice big shower, a tub and two sinks. I look back at Cronus. While Lord Black is kind to his godson and heir, he refused to let the boy go outside of the fences that surrounds the tower hidden deep in the forest.

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I listen for foot steps or the shower upstairs.