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Denmark has for many years been a pink trailblazer, legalising homosexuality as far back as and then inbecame the first country in the world to legally recognise registered same-sex partnerships. On the other hand, many Caribbean islands still have anti-gay laws on paper, yet thousands if not millions of gay travelers enjoy that region every year without any issue. Violence against LGBT people is rising. Florida 1. Excellent and well researched list you guys. The number of countries legalising same-sex marriage continues to grow, with DenmarkBrazilFrance and New Zealand just some that joined more progressive countries that had legalised it earlier. Amsterdam has a reputation as a very LGBT-friendly city.

best gay rights countries
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Birmingham, Alabama, obtained a full score for passing comprehensive non discrimination ordinancesalong with other cities such as Cleveland in Ohio, a state that had previously prohibited same-sex marriage and civil unions.

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Maarten 8. Malta is a small island nation that is also part of the European Union and is still off the map for most nomads but has an increasingly vibrant expat community, including a gay scene. One person may face social harassment in a country with no anti-gay laws on the books, while another person may face unexpected welcome in a country whose customs are traditionally anti-gay but rarely or never enforced.

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There are still laws on the books in more countries that restrict the freedoms—sexual, marital, and otherwise—of LGBT individuals.

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